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Title: IRC (Chat) Services
Post by: Kusau on June 27, 2015, 11:42:38 AM
TO Chat Provides our IRC Services
Eric’s Pro PC also owns TO Chat, which provides our chat service. You can access chat directly by Clicking here to Launch Chat (
IRC is governed by the same rules as the forums but here is a recap:
•  No advertisement of sale for any products, services, auctions, etc.
•  No solicitation
•  READ THE TOPIC (the text that appears as soon as you join the channel?)
•  No name calling
•  No insulting remarks
•  No denigration is permitted of other peoples
•  No harassment
•  No threats
•  No vulgarity
•  No obscenity
•  No graphic sexual or anatomical references
•  No accusations
•  No Flooding/Scrolling
   o   Flooding is described as posting numerous messages in rapid succession to disrupt other    users ability to chat.