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News/Events / Upcoming Events N/A
June 25, 2019, 10:17:32 AM
Through out the month Grey City (GC) Mafia has various events where you can compete to win prizes. Below are the currently scheduled events. Each event lasts 24 hours except when noted. Weekends generally have longer events. Prizes could be Cash or Diamonds.

Here are the events as scheduled:

**Currently See in game for events**

Make comments to decide on the next set of events.
Promisance / Promisance
March 27, 2017, 03:20:05 PM

A quick introduction to Promisance:
Promisance is a text browser based game. It is a turn based strategy. In this case you can accrue up to a specified amount of turns and use them in succession. Almost every action in the game requires turns. This requires you strategically spend your turns building up your kingdom and waging war against others. Some games permit clans to work together and some do not.

See the child forums listed below for each realm.
Also you can check each realm's game guide for game specific settings.

Realm 1 Game:
Realm 1 Forums: N/A

Realm 2 Game: N/A
Ream 2 Forums: N/A

Detailed Information (As Seen in Game Guide)


As leader of a newly founded empire, your goal is to become supreme to all others. Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must strive to build an empire wealthier than all others. Through this all, you will compete against anywhere from hundreds to thousands of other players, all aiming to achieve the same goals.

About Turn-Based Games

QM Promisance is a turn-based game - that is, there is a limit to how often your empire can advance itself or interact with others.

In Promisance: New Kingdoms 4.81, you receive X of these turns every 10 minutes. You can only accumulate X turns at once - if you receive more, they will go into your Stored Turns, of which you may have up to X; every time you receive additional turns, 1 of your stored turns will be released for you to use.

All of the actions listed in the "Use Turns" section of the side menu will consume a variable number of turns when you perform them - the Cash, Farm, and Explore options allow you to specify how much time to spend, while Build and Demolish consume turns based on how quickly your empire can perform these actions.

Attacking an empire, sending aid, or casting a spell (whether on yourself or on another empire) consumes 2 turns.

Other actions, such as participating in the private or public market, joining or managing a clan, managing your empire, or sending messages to other empires, do not consume any turns.

Each time you take a turn, your empire will collect taxes from its citizens and harvest food. Tax revenue will then be spent maintaining your empire and its military, and food will be used to feed your population. Be careful to not run out of money or food - while the World Bank can help you with the former, the latter can have disastrous results.

When your empire is first created, it is placed under protection so that other empires cannot harm it during its initial stages of development. During this period of protection, your empire also may not attack others, send foreign aid, or participate on the Public Market. Once you have used X turns, protection will be lifted and your empire will be exposed to the rest of the world. Once the end of the round draws near, however, this protection will be removed.
News / IRC (Chat) Services
June 27, 2015, 11:42:38 AM
TO Chat Provides our IRC Services
Eric's Pro PC also owns TO Chat, which provides our chat service. You can access chat directly by Clicking here to Launch Chat
IRC is governed by the same rules as the forums but here is a recap:
•  No advertisement of sale for any products, services, auctions, etc.
•  No solicitation
•  READ THE TOPIC (the text that appears as soon as you join the channel?)
•  No name calling
•  No insulting remarks
•  No denigration is permitted of other peoples
•  No harassment
•  No threats
•  No vulgarity
•  No obscenity
•  No graphic sexual or anatomical references
•  No accusations
•  No Flooding/Scrolling
   o   Flooding is described as posting numerous messages in rapid succession to disrupt other    users ability to chat.
News / Welcome to GComm Forums!
June 27, 2015, 11:16:36 AM
Welcome to GamingComm!

A Gaming Community for the Player

Take advantage of the services that GamingComm (GComm) has to offer. We’re a gaming community built by the players. Need to host a clan website? We can do that! Need to store modification packs? We can do that! Need forums and chat? We also can do that!  That is what this site is all about.
While some automation aspects are in the works we’re up and [running] mostly. We would like feedback from the players (like you) to help improve this site and build it up.
While we do that we’ll have to establish a few rules…

Rules & Guidelines

There are going to be rules and guidelines to help establish this a friendly place for all. First and foremost, respect each other, and follow these other rules. Keep in mind the rules change and are not limited to the below.
1.)   No multiple accounts.
     a.   1 Account = 1 Person.
                You may share IP’s but you may not share accounts.
     b.   If your account is disabled for any reason, you may not create another.
2.)   No harassment, defamation, hate speech or any other protected class statements.
Let us keep it friendly.
3.)   Use of this site requires registration.
      a.   While you may read most posts as a guest, you must register to reply, post,          or add/modify other content.
4.)   You MUST be 13 years of age or older.
5.)   There may be no pornographic material posted graphic, written, implied or otherwise.
6.)   Your account cannot be used for commercial gain.
7.)   GComm may remove your account, post, material at any point in time with or without consent and notice if your account is found to be in bad taste or violation of these rules.
8.)   You are responsible for the security of your account.
9.)   You may not post copyright material.
10.)   Your account information will not be used outside of GComm, Eric’s Pro PC or affiliates. Any other public information shared is made available by your account. Access to data will be granted to law enforcement when proper procedure is followed.
11.)   No Spamming!
     a.   This means no posting unwanted, unrelated, advertisements or material.
12.)   These rules may change with or without notice. It is your responsibility to keep it up to date.